Atlas Copco Summer Internship 2017

It was a long and tough selection process with about 600 applicants for our 2017 Summer Internship, many of whom were very highly qualified. But at the end there was six final candidates doing their Summer Internships during eight weeks last summer. You can see some pictures from their experiences here on this site or by using the hashtag #atlascopcointernship2017 on Instagram.


Olof Linde is currently studying for his Master´s degree in International Business and Trade at Gothenburg University-School of Business, Economics and Law. He conducted his summer internship at the Mining and Rock Excavation division in Örebro and Nashik, India.

The Mining and Rock Excavation summer project was inititiated to investigate the most efficient way of increasing global sales of a specific product category. An out-of-the box solution was requested by the division to serve as an alternative to the traditional sales practices.

At his internship, Olof conducted a project within sales development where the project objective was to analyze the sales processes for underground ventilation systems. By the end of the project, Olof presented suggestions of improvement to top management, and found some of them implemented further on.

Although Olof found it challenging to be alone in a country totally different than Sweden, he describes his time in India as extremely rewarding as he gained experience of conducting business in one of the world´s largest emerging markets. He also enjoyed getting to travel India, and especially the visit to Hutti Gold Mines where he got to go 1 km underground to see their mining operations up close!

At the moment, Olof is busy writing his Master thesis for the Mining and Rock Excavation business area. He describes his internship as an immense beneficial experience in terms of preparation of writing his thesis. He also states how helpful it is to already have established a network within the company which he can utilize for his thesis work.

I would say that you´re a fool if you don´t apply for this internship! Few companies invest as much in their interns as Atlas Copco. I mean, what other company brings in six interns and send them all over the world? Moreover, it´s extremely valuable to get a foot inside such recognizable company as Atlas Copco. I recommend applicants to emphasize whatever project management experience they might have. Atlas Copco is looking for people who are self-driven and can run projects.


Gustav is currently studying his last semester at the Software Engineering M. Sc at Chalmers School of Technology, where he previously attended the Industrial Engineering and Management program. He conducted his internship in the Industrial Technique business area at Atlas Copco, which brought him to a production facility in Budapest, Hungary.

The project was aimed at investigating the possibilities within existing systems to increase the control and transparency of the quality assurance process and at the same time reduce the administrative effort involved.

Gustav’s task was to investigate the current configuration and come up with suggestions that would increase control of the quality assurance process and reduce the administrative workload of the quality department. In order to reach that end he worked closely with experts of the quality processes as well as the IT system, and tested how different setups affected the workflow.

At first, Gustav found it challenging to work in a system that he had no prior experience with. Despite this, he found it to be one of the most rewarding parts of the internship. Another challenge he encountered was that many of the people he interacted with did not speak English, but this also gave him an opportunity to pick up some Hungarian.

At the moment, Gustav is busy working on his thesis within the Industrial Technique business area in Sweden. He thinks the internship has been of much help, not least by providing a network of people to talk to within the company and a general familiarity of the company.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in a challenging but extremely rewarding internship to apply. We were all very well taken care of throughout the internship and had many stories to share when we were done. Be prepared for a challenge and a lot of freedom to work on the project.


Sébastien is a M.Sc student in International Project Management at Chalmers University of Technology. During his internship, Sébastien operated in Sweden, Germany, India and Bulgaria for the Construction Tool Division (now Hydraulic Attachment Tools).

The objective of Sébastien’s internship project was to assess the capacity and competence of the Atlas Copco office in Bangalore, India, as a low-cost engineering center. Similar assessments were made in Essen, Germany, and Ruse, Bulgaria. With regards to this, Sébastien later on contributed to establish recommendations and proposals for improvement for the Atlas Copco office in Kalmar, Sweden.

Sébastien thinks the main challenge for his internship was adapting his work process to the different cultures and work methods implemented in the different offices he visited. Despite this, he insists that his favorite part of the internship was the international aspect, since it developed him at a professional level as well as personally. This, alongside with operating his own project and being a part of the inspiring family of interns at Atlas Copco, is what Sébastien enjoyed the most.

Sébastien’s master thesis is taking place at the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division, and is written in the offices both in Kalmar and Essen. In his opinion, the thesis possibility he has received gave him an incredible competitive advantage for job applications after graduation.

I recommend everyone to apply for this internship. No other company in Sweden will offer an international experience this pronounced and with a project this interesting and with that much autonomy. My recommendation for the application is to emphasize on any international experience you might have and project management or work experience you have had in the past.

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